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Česká LípaČeská Lípa

Česká Lípa

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Ceska Lipa is the district town set southeastward of Decin upon the Ploucnice river surrounded by wealthy forest. The local ponds are considered as another natural attribute of this town built up at the west and south suburb. The town is surrounded by the Luzicke hory mountains from north, the Ceske stredohori hills from west and by the national park “Kokorinsko” from south. Maintained beeches, camps, a sport airport and many more are available for tourist. The well-known motor-racing circuit in Sosnova is located closely. There are many magnificent tourist paths mainly in the Zahradky village and around the “Holandsky” pond. Ceska Lipa is a town surrounded by many beautiful places worth visiting.

Ruins of fortification
Ceska Lipa

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